Jimmy Chonga

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Booger Presley on a mean guitar.

Gucci. Brr.


Public Hair. Poop Deck.

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I just found out I like watching nasty porno with the sound turned off, but simon and garfunkel playing in the background.

I had to mapquest the nearest wienerschnitzel

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I yearn for my penis to rub vagina insides.

Highly Sensitive People: To The Bright Side of the Road

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Nothing bums me out more then when I am trying to drink my depression away, and the last glass of whiskey is on its last sip.

Under the apple tree

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Fear of flying and failing. Fucking up, and not fucking enough. Being full of shit, fake like everyone fucking else. Fed up.bbob

Belly Achin’: Part Deux

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I had to turn the music up very loud. I just got done masturbating, and for some reason the sound of fornication from the porno kept going. The sex sound was coming from the room on the other side of the wall.

I may be ok alone.

Belly Achin’: Part 1

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After we got done humping she asked me, “Are you that guy from Irvine-Sucks?” Yep, not only do I master websites, but I master vaginas. Im kidding. My weener was drunk on cheap whiskey. I wish I slept with a hotter girl, and I didn’t learn her name. I guess I’m done being nice or close to new people. I know who I know, and I am friends with who I am friends with. “The name of the band is …is “Millions of Dead Cops”…